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Make Education a Life-long Difference in a Child’s Future – Fund a Scholarship!

We are looking for progressive and enlightened supporters with a world view who recognize that quality education creates a better path to life success.

Welcome to Escuela Verde

Located in the multicultural community of Uvita, Escuela Verde (the Green School) has been creating alternative educational opportunities to the public school system of Costa Rica since 2007. We prepare children, pre-school to grade 8, to be literate, bi-lingual, resourceful and independent.

Director and co-founder of this school, Naomi Geer, is a ten-year resident and an active member of the community. She is versed in the education provided by the public schools and the expectations of Costa Ricans and expatriates for higher standards.

Escuela Verde is unique in that it is a Costa Rican accredited elementary school that follows California State Standards for its English language, Science and Math curriculum.

To assist families in need in our community, we provide scholarships to children whose families may otherwise not be able to afford the annual tuition.  Without access to a better education, many young men and women are consigned to a life of general labor. These scholarships will provide opportunities to greatly enhance the futures of these children and their future families, creating more rewarding careers and life choices.

Scholarship Details

Your funding of a scholarship fund will cover 70% of a student’s tuition for two semesters (one year).

This will cover school fees, classroom books and learning materials. For accountability and to foster engagement in their child’s education, the families of the students are responsible for 30% of the tuition and 20 hours of school volunteer work.

We are looking to raise $34,000 USD that will support 15 annual scholarships.

The Difference You Can Make

Your contribution will enable a family to have the first child to graduate from high school or even college. In the end, your contributions will be an investment in a better world for all of us. By funding scholarships, you will help overcome one of the barriers to a better education and better life.

You personally know how education has positively impacted your life. Now it’s time to be the catalyst to show how education can make a difference not only to this child but also multi-generationally. Your donation will help us maintain our goal of at least a 50% Costa Rican student body.

Big or Small, Every Donation Helps

Please contribute any amount that you can.  We have great perks for large contributions. But even $20 will have an impact on the future of a child. And if you are unable to contribute, then tell your friends and families about our need for scholarship funding.

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